3 Steps to Prequalify Traffic with PPC Ads and Boost your ROI

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March 5, 2019
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3 Steps to Prequalify Traffic with PPC Ads and Boost your ROI

Acquiring high number of click-through-rate, more clicks, and conversion make look wonderful in the reports with PPC Ads. However, the question of the hour is; are these clicks coming from the right audience who truly are looking for these services or products?

Reason being unqualified leads don’t pay the bills just waste time conversing!

In such a case, you must be sure that you are targeting the right group of people by using the right keywords. One need to create a written ad copy that would help to cut down the irrelevant audience for your product or services thereby helping you in finding the right audience.

If you wish to use PPC ads to re-qualify traffic and disqualify the audience that aren’t relevant thereby limiting the potential customers, ensure you adhere to the steps listed below:

1. Identify a Qualified Conversion

First, start by determining what a qualified conversion is for your business. For that you have to work on analysing your product in regards with the audience that includes various factors such as:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Parental Status
  • Geography
  • Home ownership

Researching each aspect and factors while making a PPC ad will help you limit your clicks and boost your ROI. In case, you still land-up not getting a clear vision while working on these factors, you are free to take CSDM Solution a top-rated Digital Marketing Company in Tricity.

2. Speak to Your Audience

Once you have identified your audience, make a proper plan about how you want to target the audience. Work with the marketing team and ensure to identify the persona and then identify what persona will appeal to the audience.

Just for an example we can if you are encourage adults for studying classes, in such a case there is a dire need to know their hurdles that hinder ding them to study as well as prepare for the further test or education that they wish to accomplish.

In such case, use right keywords that look appealing and enforce them to click to your link.

3. Try to Use Qualifying Words

Try to think or use those words that are suitable for your brand and helps to segregate you from the audience that you don’t want to target. This idea of using specific keywords will help to segregate your audience thereby restrict the unwanted audience from clicking to your ad campaign.

In a case you desire to target high-income consumers and wish to cut down the people looking for cheap deals. Use words such as “Luxury” and “High-End”.

In this Business-to-business marketing space, qualifying words can help to set the tone for the different type of business you wish to attract. If you are targeting small businesses, use words like “SMB” and “Start-Up” but in case you target larger businesses, use word like “enterprises”. So, ensure that you are very specific in targeting your audience.

So, what are you waiting for start testing these steps as each PPC pro knows ad copy testing is the key to the successful campaign performance! In case, of any query regarding the PPC ads, you are free to consult CSDM Solution a top rank Digital Marketing Company in Tricity.

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